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Moderator: "Sarah Rodman, Boston Herald."

Rodman: "I know that 'Lucky' might be the next single, and I was curious, even though you didn't write that one, if that's something that, perhaps, you feel a spiritual kinship with the song and what it's about."

BS: "Do I relate to the song? Yeah, in a lot of ways I can, but, um, I hate it when a lot of celebrities talk about how, you know, depressed they are and how their life is just so hard, you know what I mean? I wouldn't trade my life for, for anything. I'm just so happy. But, yeah, there are times when I'm just like everybody else, you know, and I come in and have bad nights and, you know, sometimes when you're surrounded by so many people you can still be really lonely, you know what I mean? So uh, yeah, I can relate to the song, to a certain extent."

Moderator: "David Siminelli, In LA magazine."

Siminelli:: "On 'Dear Diary,' I wanna know if that was inspired by maybe an entry in your own diary, and if so, if you've ever been that intimidated, like, to like somebody but be too intimidated to actually talk to 'em."

BS: "Well, I mean, well, actually, right now, when I'm really attracted to someone, I get really quiet and really shy. It's horrible. But, um, yeah when I was younger, I would definitely, you know, if I was really into someone I didn't know what to say to 'em, you know, you would come in and you'd write about it in your journal. But those specific words that I used in the song, um, aren't words that I wrote in my journal, those specific words, but I can relate to that situation, you know, when I was younger."

Moderator: "Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer."

Wilonsky: "Have you heard Travis' 'Baby, One More Time?'"

BS: "Um...who?"

Wilonsky: "The band Travis."

BS: "No."

Wilonsky: "No?"

BS: "Oh, they did a remake of 'Baby, One More Time?'"

Wilonsky: "Yeah, they did it..."

BS: "Yes, I have heard that. Actually, I was in the mall the other day and, um, I heard this song come on, and I was like, 'Oh, my Lordy!' It was so weird. Hee hee."

Wilonsky: "What was your impression of it?"

BS: "I liked it. I thought it was cool, you know. I mean it was totally a different vibe from what I did. It was cool, though.

Wilonsky: "Were you surprised that it could make the transfer from your way of doing it to theirs, stripped down?"

BS: "Yeah, yeah, it was really bizarre."

At this point, exhaustion sets in. Britney keeps talking, but it soon turns to clicks and pops and buzzes. The week keep on; the strong retreat.

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