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How This Will Destroy You Built a Four-Continent Fan Base

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There seems to be quite a few bands in Asia with similar influences to your band.

That is true. Fortunately, there are some great, under-the-radar promoters who like working with bands who play left-of-the-center music. People have found a way to connect to our stuff and we are really, really grateful for that.

Each of your albums is two to three years apart. Is it that you are too meticulous?

We tour a lot, too. We go out on tour for months at a time. When we get home, we kind of keep to ourselves. Sometime, you have to take a little break. We are meticulous. We don't have a specific box that we have to fit in. We can do what we want. We want what we do to be something people can identify with. We also do not want to do the things we've done before. We want to push ourselves and try new things. We don't want to make a self-indulgent record. We put out a live record a couple of months ago.

How did you come to record the live album in Iceland?

I guess it was the last European tour that we did. The last chunk of the tour was in Iceland. The shows were really great. The show that was recorded for the record was this incredible hall and the crowd was super quiet. There was really no applause or talking until each song ended. Basically, the guy who recorded the show did a great job tracking it. I opened up Pro Tools at the airport on the way home and it sounded really cool already. I couple months later we ended up mixing it and put out a triple vinyl. It was a show that we didn't even know was going to be recorded. There was no overdubbing or editing. We happened to have a particularly clean show. We nailed our parts. The room we played in sounded awesome. We were lucky to have a cool audio document. It was a completely seated, sold out show. It felt right. We've talked about playing more seated venues. It was almost like going to see an orchestra, the way people waiting until the very end to clap.

That must have been a big change from crowds around here.

It was a bit different. We played other shows like that where the crowd is so quiet and it kind of freaks you out. It feels really good to have no distractions at all and really focus on the music. Our music can be pretty quite at times and when people are yakking, it can make it hard for us to pay attention to what we are doing.

They Will Destroy You perform with Datahowler and Nathan Brown on Friday, January 24, at Lola's in Fort Worth.

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