How To: Do The Rackdaddy

We've been keeping you up to date on Fat Pimp, the Warner Bros.-signed local hip-hop product who's been scorching the airwaves of K104 (104.5 KKDA-FM) all summer long with his song "Rack Daddy," which implores you to dance along with him and, well, "do the Rack Daddy."

Sure, but how? Ah, answers, my friend, answers! It's pretty simple, actually. You do exactly what Fat Pimp says: You throw your shoulders out, and then you dip. Kinda like this:

And, if you want, you can grab "SWAG," Fat Pimp's new single, as a free download on his Myspace page.

Also, I called in for an update on when the full-length album should be ready (last we heard, it was early July). According to Fat Pimp's booking manager, the album's release date has been pushed back to October but, within the next month or so, there should be a new mixtape out and available for purchase. --Pete Freedman


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