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How To Escape Dallas Without Leaving Dallas

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Here at The Overserved, I like to find the silver lining in Dallas' highs and lows. Her contradictions and inconsistencies can make the sweet spots in this town that much sweeter. Knowing you've worked to discover that dive bar, or come across that perfect little restaurant, can be its own reward when it comes time to grab a drink or surprise a loved one. Those are the places that feel distinctly Dallas.

Sometimes we need to blow this Popsicle stand, but maybe we don't have the bankroll to get out of town. Escaping is not underrated. So here are a few places to make you feel like you've left the metroplex while maintaining the same area code.

Sandbar Cantina and Grill There are some great volleyball clubs in North Texas, but most of them dwell in the suburbs and have the feeling of going to a really swag summer camp. Sandbar Cantina and Grill set up shop in Deep Ellum in early summer and has truly created a little beach oasis in the middle of the city. Just off Second Avenue between Deep Ellum and Fair Park, the courts boast a skyline view and fantastic sunset. One step on their beautiful white sand courts will inspire even the clumsiest athlete to join a game. Close eyes, sink toes in sand, pretend you are in California and get it all out on the courts.

Garden Café This Lakewood joint is a sturdy go-to for Junius Heights residents. I recommend grabbing your favorite bottle of Prosecco and a newspaper and posting up at one of the back tables for hours. The recently added canopy provides shade in these warmer months, and I swear eating a meal surrounded by that beautiful garden lowers your blood pressure. Pretty magical for a not-so-secret East Side garden.

Fraternal Order of Eagles The F.O.E. remains a Dallas institution and if you attend during a weekend daytime swim, you will run into a friend or two. Not great for your in-town escape. However, a weeknight swim after 9 p.m. is basically a private pool. With a bartender. Now that you are surviving those dogged 108 degree summer days, treat yourself to the only remaining cold pool in Dallas and those beautiful trees surrounding it. You will find the hideaway different in the moonlight, I promise.

If you need to get out of town but can't, try one of those and call me in the morning. And if you see some lady in her sunglasses, ignoring the general public, just leave me be. I'm on vacation.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.