Hungry For New Hip-Hop Beats? Try Rob Viktum's Snack Packs.

Thanks to his work with former Def Jux artists Hangar 18 and others, area beat maker, producer, and DJ Rob Viktum's got a resume most area producers would love to boast--hell, the guy even (kinda) remixed "Jenny's Song" for us back in September. So you know he's a good sport, too.

But Viktum's also advantageous: Earlier this week, he released Snack Pack Vol. 2, the follow-up beat tape to his earlier, late March-released Snack Pack Vol. 1, tapes, Viktum says are aimed at giving emcees, rappers, producers and labels a taste of what he's been making lately. Oh, and he's giving away these for free.

"I guess the main goal for these beat tapes is pure unadulterated promotion," Viktum says. "The only way people can hear your production without going to your studio is through beat tapes. Beat makers and producers have been making beat tapes for years to hand out to managers, A&Rs, rappers, and singers. The digital distribution thing is just a new way of doing that."

Yeah, sure. But thanks to the Internet--and the sheer glut of hip-hop and DJ-centric blogs out there--what's cool about the current incarnations of these beat tapes is that they're out there for anyone to listen in on. For instance, you can download Snack Pack Vol. 1 right here, and Snack Pack Vol. 2 right here.

After the jump, some more news from Viktum, plus some clips of our favorite beats from the two tapes.

You'll have to deal with the beat-jack-saving voice-overs, yeah, but, either way, there's enough here to give you an idea of what the guy's going for.

Track 4, Vol. 1:

Track 11, Vol. 1:

Track 14, Vol. 2:

As the three above clips show, these Snack Packs are filled with updates on '70s soul and R&B samples, giving a nice back-packer vibe and an overall relaxing touch to the production--kinda like 9th Wonder on Valium. Basically: Really nice stuff.

Which is exactly the response Viktum's going for, actually.

"I've worked really hard to get where I'm at in my career," Viktum says, "and constant reminders to the public and to other artists that I'm still doing it only prolongs my own longevity and strengthens my own personal drive to outdo myself every time I drop a new beat tape."

And curious hip-hop heads looking for more from Viktum needn't wait long, the DJ says: "I plan on dropping a new beat tape every month this year."

Good. Looking forward to 'em.

In the meantime, catch Viktum and DJ Viz every Thursday night at Mick's on Greenville, where they spin (duh) hip-hop and soul each week.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.