I Honestly Tried to Like Imagine Dragons

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Then I listened to Imagine Dragons' original version. It reminded me of Linkin Park crossed with Foster the People with a dash of Skrillex. If it were a meal, it would be a bunch of white turkey meat covered in sand. And you'd eat it off an ironic looking windbreaker jacket.

Ultimately, it was catchy and uncomfortably stayed with me, like the persistent feeling that you did not wipe your ass properly.

Imagine Dragons will be gracing Dallas with their heavenly presence tonight. As a teaser to generate interest, I have dutifully stepped up to honestly, seriously consider the band's record, Night Visions, track-by-track.

1. "Radioactive" I went to a vocational technical college at the end of high school so I could sometimes smoke weed in my car. In class, I sat next to an intense serious looking goth who sat pensively in his own world, listening to music. A metalhead myself, one day I decided to ask him what he was listening to. He handed me his hilariously gigantic headphones and I prepared myself for some onslaught of pounding drums and blazing guitar solos. What I heard was "Return to Innocence" by Enigma. I can guarantee this dude is now listening to "Radioactive" on repeat as he piles down gas station food.

2. "Tiptoe" Whoa, this rules. It sounds like it could be some sort of Stabbing Westward or Gravity Kills b-side -- two of the greatest bands of our lifetime. Of course, they go and ruin it at the 0:28 mark with some cheesy drums before forcing on some vocals that made me yell "OH" out loud like I was Andrew Dice Clay being punched in the stomach. The rest of the song sounds like it would be the soundtrack to a montage scene in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. I can imagine a tiny dog triumphantly catching some Frisbees as the manicured and overproduced voices chant "nobody else can take me higher".

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