Idol Rich: FW's Tim Halperin Makes Top 24

Fort Worth singer-songwriter Tim Halperin,

whose music we first shared with you back in July
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, had some ups and downs throughout his Hollywood Week auditions, according to the


judges. So, the challenge they'd presented him with this week was showing them who he


was. And, in his final audition before the Top 24 cuts, he showed them -- by performing an original piece.

At first, the song "When It's Over" seemed to prove true for T-Halp. Right after a trip down the too-long runway and a sit-down with the judges, Steven Tyler said, "I'm sorry to tell you..." and then the cameras cut to a contender exiting the doors to meet Ryan Seacrest. Only, once there, Halperin excitedly announced, "I'm in the Top 24!"

Those tricky editors...

His "Something" partner, Julie Zorrilla, also passed the test -- and then went so far as to pick up the wee Sea before nearly collapsing under the weight of his massive ego.

Prep your DVRs, folks: Halperin and the rest of the 12 male contestants will perform next week on Tuesday. The girls will then go on Wednesday, and results are on Thursday.

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