If She Thinks Your Tractor's Sexy, Wait Till She Sees This!

Kenny Chesney already scheduled a make-up date of sorts for his rain-soaked concert at Pizza Hut Park from a couple weeks back. Actually, it's this Sunday, to be exact. Hope you remembered!

But now comes this (which, really, maybe isn't that much of a surprise, considering Chesney's got a song called "There's Something Sexy About The Rain"): Chesney has taken some of the photos shot during his rainy day performance and has gone and turned them into a T-shirt commemorating the event in Frisco. Says Chesney:

"When I saw the pictures of us onstage, it was pretty powerful in terms of the image. And looking at all of them, thinking about standing onstage with all those fans ... and singing 'There's Something Sexy About the Rain' ... it really felt like that in spite of the downpour, I could totally feel it again. I figured they would, too, so it was, 'How do we go about giving them something that'll capture that -- take them back to the moment?'"

The shirt designs are not yet available for your viewing, apparently, but if you're headed out to the make-up show on Sunday, they will be ready there, for your purchasing pleasure. Oh, commerce.

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