If You Really Can't Wait, Then Fine, Go Download Sarah Jaffe's Suburban Nature On iTunes Right Now.

A quick thank you to a source very close with Sarah Jaffe and Kirtland Records for passing along this bit of pertinent information for Jaffe fans: Though its official release is, oh, a little over a month away, and things won't really start rolling for the full-length debut album, called Suburban Nature, till after Jaffe's played the Fair Park Music Hall with Norah Jones on May 4, the album is currently available for purchase and full download on iTunes, go figure. So if you can't wait for a hard copy and you just need the songs now, well, here;s your chance, slugger.

Also: Not sure yet, but I think we'll have more on Jaffe as that release date gets closer, maybe? We'll see.

Till then, we'll reserve judgment.

As if we haven't already made our stance on Jaffe abundantly clear...

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