In Lieu Of Our Podcast, We Recommend You Listen To Gutterth's

It's been, um, a couple weeks since we've podcasted here at DC9. Sorry if you've been eagerly anticipating the next installment (stop lying), but we've been busy on some other fronts, like with the print edition. And this here blog. What, two mediums aren't enough for you? Thanks, guys. It's not like we have lives of our own or anything. (Actually, I, for one, clearly do not. But I digress.)

Anyway, in lieu of being able to off up one of our podcasts, we present to you the next best thing: Gutterth Productions today--clearly following our lead, as we invented podcasting (you didn't know?)--has released its debut podcast, which you can check out right here.

It features some new songs from acts Gutterth has worked with in the past, like Nervous Curtains, Dust Congress, Parata, New Science Projects, Daniel Folmer, The Family Circuits, Ryan Thomas Becker, Magnets and Dirty Water Disease. Also, it features a live acoustic performance of an unreleased Paper Chase track called "The Sound Of Being Choked".

It's a bit long--the podcast, not The Paper Chase's song--checking in at just under an hour. But worth a listen for sure. So have at it.

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