Don't look now, but there's yet one more new live music venue set to open up in Deep Ellum come summertime.

At 2826 Elm Street, right down the road from the still-relatively new The Lounge on Elm Street at the intersection of Elm and Malcolm X, the former home to Club Envy (among various other incarnations over the years) is currently being prepped to open in early June and become just the latest venue to jump become a part of the mini-revitalization currently taking place in the long-depressed but storied musical neighborhood.

The room, which boasts an almost 600-person max capacity, will be called, simply enough, 2826, after the its street address--assuming the next round of SUP filing goes through for the club's owners. In the meantime, workers are currently milling about the space, prepping it in anticipation of all going according to plan.

In The Old Club Envy Space, Yet Another Venue Prepares To Open In Deep Ellum

"Yeah, I'm here right now," incoming owner Asher Rion tells DC9 via phone as the sound of hammers hitting nails ricochet behind his voice. "It's all I've been doing recently."

And that's a good thing, folks, because what Rion has in store? It ain't exactly your standard live music room stuff.

"We're calling it a live 'media' room," Rion explains. "We're going to be broadcasting our shows to the whole world."

How so? Rion, with some help from the folks behind Copasetic Ballyhoo, will not only be hosting shows of all varieties--"we just want to get everyone together," Rion says--but it will also be filming and streaming its shows online via the web site streaminglive.com, which, ironically perhaps, is not yet live. The room will also host various other types of artistic performances and exhibits.

"We wanted to bring that subculture feeling back and bring like-minded people back together--and not just for live music," Rion says.

We'll keep tabs on 2826's progress and keep you posted. But, for now, between The Lounge, Dada's renovations and the efforts being made to re-open Trees, it's safe to say that something is, indeed, happening in Deep Ellum.

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