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Inner Frequency Finished With New CD; Release Show Scheduled For Next Friday

Now that Black Tie Dynasty has gone and broken up, those looking for some retro, new wave sounds might want to turn their attention to a relatively new local quartet, Inner Frequency. Surge, the band's sophomore EP, hits the streets next week and the band is having at CD release party at Jack's Backyard on Friday, February 13, to celebrate.

Singer Cara Young has that sultry, Terri Bozzio-like sensuality down pat, while guitarist Luke Carnevale (great name) mines '80s gold such as The Cars and The Records with prowess to spare. Add in an interesting mix of jazz and modern pop and Inner Frequency (despite the fey moniker) is capable of defying easy categorization.

Since 2006, the duo of Young and Carnevale have been mixing and matching rhythm sections until finally settling on Brad Brock and Jon Mosig a year ago.

Sure, February 13 might be a stereotypically unlucky day (especially for those movie buffs who choose to catch the umpteenth remake of Friday the 13th in theaters) but Inner Frequency hopes to bring a little good fortune by sharing songs like "Big Talker," "Sometimes" and "Satellite" with a well-lubricated, relatively non-superstitious crowd.

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Pete Freedman
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