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Is The Prophet Bar Backsliding? Potentially! Or So Says New Part-Time Booking Agent

Just got off the horn with area bartender and musician Stephen Benavides a little bit ago, and he had some interesting news to share: Seems Russell Hobbs has brought him into the fold to help book some shows to the Prophet Bar, the alcohol-serving extension of the The Door down in Deep Ellum (y'know, the one housed in the old Gypsy Tea Room spot).

Anyway, Benavides, who most recently worked as a bartender and part-time booking agent for the now-closed Lucky's Roadhouse on Lower Greenville, says he's been asked to do what he can to change the Prophet Bar's squeaky-clean, The Door-tainted image.

"They're trying to do--I'm not gonna say less Christian shows, but they're gonna move those," he says.

With Hobb's The Door franchise now expanded out to a jaw-dropping four North Texas locations (Dallas, Ft. Worth, Canton and the just-opened Plano location), Benavides says most of the youth-oriented, suburban teen-aimed Christian rock shows that The Door hosts will be moved to the new Plano spot (which I'm sure has these guys just super-stoked). And, if that's right, that will open up the bigger room at The Door to more Prophet Bar shows.

(This gets a bit confusing, so let me explain: The Door is an all-ages, alcohol-free venue. The Prophet Bar is a venue that sometimes houses all-ages shows, but always serves liquor to those of legal drinking age. From time to time, The Prophet Bar is able to move its shows to The Door's stage when its available. Such a move allows for a bigger crowd and, yes, for alcohol to be served in The Door's room. Those shows, however, are not, well, at least from management's standpoint, considered Door shows; they're just Prophet Bar shows held in The Door's space. Got it? Good. Moving on...)

As I see it, The Prophet Bar's always been pretty secular. (OK, aside from The Door's affiliation with it). It does a decent job booking non-Christian-affiliated bands as is, and every now and then is able to bring a decidedly non-Christian touring act to The Door's bigger room (as it did back in March when Muslim albino rapper Brother Ali played there). Still, bringing in Benavides (who, granted, is a bit of a no-name) is an interesting move.

Says Benavides of the rules that will apply to the bands he'll be booking: "If they wanna cuss or do things like that on stage, it's no problem."

Not that as much ever was a problem at the Prophet Bar, but, again, I digress. If The Prophet Bar really is trying to change its image as a Christian venue, it might want to look into another option. Like say, changing its name from The Prophet Bar.

But what do I know, I'm Jewish.

Local acts interested in playing The Door can contact Benavides here. --Pete Freedman

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