It's "Dallas Week" Over At MTV.com...

Looks like the fruits of MTV's labor from a few weeks back, when the network followed D-Town production wunderkinds Play-N-Skillz around town for a party at plush and a dance instruction deal at Big T Bazaar are gonna be unraveling over on MTV.com all week--if the above promo, which features non-Dallasites Bun B, Too $hort, Pitbull, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and actual Dallasties Big Tuck and Cowboys safety Ken Hamlin, is to be believed.

As you already knew, each of the previously dropped names was around town earlier this month as the Salinas brothers prepped for the Grammys. And a handful of them, according to this also just-uploaded MTV News story, were recording with the duo during the same time.

Big deal? Not really. Just another sign of the times for Play-N-Skillz, the piece says, while again regaling the story of how Play-N-Skillz got Lil Wayne attached to the "Got Money" track for which he and the Salinas just won a Grammy.

But it's not all old news so far in "Dallas Week", as the MTV coverage is being dubbed this morning. Today, Play tells MTV News that, despite all the new numbers in his rolodex, he plans on continuing to work with homegrown talent...

"In addition to working with established acts, Play N Skillz are looking forward to helping some of the local talent blow, like their artists Bug Tuck and Tum Tum. They say that Dallas' new burgeoning music scene is primed for mainstream love.

'The wave of technology has really helped people,' Play said of songs such as the GS Boyz's 'Stanky Legg' and B-Hamp's 'Do the Ricky Bobby' that have gotten big on the Internet and are starting to spread nationally on radio. 'Now records are getting started on YouTube and MySpace. They get popular there and, believe it or not, some of these [radio] programmers are going onto these Web sites and looking for talent.'"

So there you go. We'll keep you posted on "Dallas Week" as it continues along. And, yeah, for those curious, the song used in the above promo is Play-N-Skillz's "Checkin' My Fresh (feat. Jay-Z)", which you can download right here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.