It's Pretty Simple: Show Up and Give a Crap. Just Ask Dallas Distortion Music

The amount of new band names they can spin at you is dizzying...and endearing. And most of all, uplifting. They're possibly the biggest fans of modern, often-as-yet-uncategorizable new music this side of the Rio Grande. It's fun to watch to Dallas Distortion Music, aka Matt Vickers and Evan Henry, grow both in success and size, and also in all of their youthful enthusiasm.

We've spoken to Matt and Evan before, and since then, they've continued to prove that they are part of the next generation of young music fans that are championing new sounds by helping to get their music released.

So far in 2013, they've torn 35 Denton a new exhaust port, thrown a post-fest barn-burner in Dallas at the Crown & Harp, and collaborated with some other DIY labels to showcase their passions in the "unofficial SXSW" arena.

Matt and Evan are currently licking their wounds and recovering from a lack of sleep and decent nutrition from it all, but couldn't be happier to update us on what a great time their having as DDM continues to swell.

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Alan Ayo