Jimmie Vaughan Tells The New American That Our Country's Got The Nobody-Reads-The-Constitution-No-More Blues

The New American tends not to be anyone's first go-to source for arts and entertainment news, but, alas, that hasn't stopped the magazine from taking the time to check in with Dallas native, blues guitar legend and Stevie Ray sibling, Jimmie Vaughan this morning.

Why? Well, mostly because Vaughan's not scared to speak his mind, especially when it comes to politics and the Constitution.

Case and point:

TNA: Did you find that what you'd been taught in school was different from what you were now learning?

Vaughan: I had a teacher in junior high who read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I didn't go to high school, remember, I ran off. But in a way, it was good because I didn't have the usual brainwashing from the government training camp they call school. Now when I'm interested in a subject, I research it and come to my own conclusion.

Good stuff! And I say that because I mean it--and not just because I'm immature and think it's at least a little funny that The New American willfully shortens its name to the TNA acronym in Q&As.

Read Vaughan speaking the rest of his mind here. --Pete Freedman

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