Concert Reviews

Juicy J at Trees on Friday, November 29

On Friday night, Juicy J got the sold-out crowd at Trees as 'turnt up' as you'd expect fans of the invigorated former Three 6 Mafia MC to be. The venue was packed at 8 p.m., despite Juicy J not even performing until 12:30. Security was tight, but that didn't prevent a few scuffles from breaking out. Still, the crowd still showed love for most of the night.

With his dreads bouncing, Boome put on an especially impressive performance. His set consisted mostly of songs from his newest album, Space Jamz 2, and lasted about forty minutes. Wearing jeans and a "Mess with Texas" tank top (which he soon threw into the crowd), Boome played his own hits, like "Jimy Hendrix" and "Ride My Bike to the Moon," as well as "Juicy." During his set, he popped open a few bottles of champagne and splashed it on the crowd and threw dollar bills into the crowd.

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