Just So We're Clear: Jenny Lewis Plays Dallas' Granada Next Week, Not Tonight

So there's a pretty embarrassing mistake in this week's paper, albeit one with somewhat of an understandable cause: Through my fault, and no one else's, we ran a story on Jenny Lewis in this week's paper, in which the copy stated that Lewis plays the Granada Theater tonight.

Thing is, Lewis does play the Granada tonight. Just, not the one in Dallas--the one in Lawrence, Kansas. Oh, crap.

The story's been fixed in its online incarnation. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury with the print version. But, just in case anyone heads over to the Granada tonight expecting to see Lewis, well, my deepest apologies.

You'll still see a killer show at the theater tonight--this one featuring Grizzly Bear. We highly recommend it, too--assuming it's not sold out by the time you show you got a ticket to the now-sold out show. Either way, you'll still have a chance to see Lewis if'n ya want. She stops through town for a gig at our Granada on Tuesday, June 23. Again, sorry for the mix-up.

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