Norah's got a live DVD jones.

Keeping Up With The Joneses. And, Sure, The Kwellers, Too.

A couple news items from the inbox today, both about locally bred musicians who've long since left Dallas for greater fame and fortune...

On September 2, New West Records (home to the Old 97's, among others) will be releasing a new live DVD from Dallas-born Norah Jones--the creatively titled Norah Jones: Live from Austin, TX. It's an expanded version on the performance Jones gave for PBS's Austin City Limits live music series; whereas that version was edited down to fir the show's time constraint of half an hour, this DVD promises a little bit more of the set. Like, say, the part where M. Ward sat in. Full DVD set list after the jump.

Meanwhile, Greenville native Ben Kweller today announced that his fourth album, Changing Horses, will be coming out some time in 2009, and, before then, he'll embark on a national tour to help promote the disc. The tour starts Sept. 26 25 here in Dallas, at the House of Blues' Pontiac Garage. --Pete Freedman

Norah Jones: Live from Austin, TX set list: "Come Away With Me" "Those Sweet Words" "The Sun Doesn't Like You" "Not My Friend" "Thinking About You" "Be My Somebody" "Rosie's Lullaby" "Sunrise" "Sinkin' Soon" (with J. Walter Hawkes) "Not Too Late" "My Dear Country" "Little Room" "Broken" "Long Way Home" "Creepin' In" (with M. Ward) "Hands On The Wheel" (with M. Ward) "Blue Bayou" (with M. Ward) "Don't Know Why"

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