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Kelly Clarkson's "Cleopatra" Leaks Onto Internet. UPDATE: So Did "Naked Eye."

Kind of big news this week surrounding Burleson's own Kelly Clarkson. Seems the inaugural American Idol champ has been working on a new record, and, uh-oh, a song from the record has leaked.

Late last week, the sultry--or, well, sultry for Clarkson--song started making its way around the 'net.

Clarkson was none too pleased, tweeting angrily about the whole scenario last Thursday. Wrote Clarkson:

'Cleopatra' is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist! I have no idea how it leaked, it's a rough demo, unfinished!
People seem to dig the song, though. So she's got that going for her.

Anyway, the song's been pretty much scraped from the Internet. New York Magazine's Vulture blog found another copy. Give it a listen after the jump. Might wanna be quick, though--can't imagine this one will last too much longer than the other leaks.

(Update: Looks like "Cleopatra" isn't the only song to leak from Clarkson's new disc. Yesterday, Idolator posted another leak, "Naked Eye." Check it out here).

Meh. To re-appropriate a great David Spade bit (seriously): Every song Clarkson's put out in recent years should be called "Not Since U Been Gone," because that's what it is.

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