Kirtland Records Is Looking For Submissions For Planned Upcoming Toadies Tribute Disc

More proof that the Toadies are bigger today than they've ever been: Kirtland Records just passed along word that, in addition to the just-released Feeler, the hugely successful Dia de Los Toadies Tres (called "the Willie's Picnic of a new generation" by the Austin Chronicle) and another album of new Toadies material in the works, fans can expect yet another Toadies-related offering in the near future.

Only, this time, the Toadies won't necessarily be too involved. Kirtland Records just go the go-ahead from the band to work on a Toadies tribute album, a disc that Kirtland's Tami Thompsen says she hopes will feature both "some known artists and some 'youngsters'" paying tribute to the band by offering up their takes on the band's iconic material.

We already can think of one establish artist who's a fan. Who else would you like to see tackle the Toadies? Maybe your band? Tell us in the comments. Or plead your case directly to Ms. Thompsen herself.

Oh, and speaking of Kirtland: Don't forget that the local label is also giving away a record contract as part of Grand Prairie's Fall Indie Fest, which is still accepting applications from bands looking to perform and compete for the deal.

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