Last Night I Got Intimate with Drowning Pool: Photos

Dallas' own Drowning Pool has a new album -- its first with lead singer Jasen Moreno. He's the fourth man to fill that spot and the transitions haven't always been easy or smooth. But the band is clearly comfortable with Moreno. Comfortable enough to take a crack at an unrehearsed acoustic set last night at the Boiler Room in Deep Ellum, which bassist Stevie Benton owns.

And so before a small crowd of old friends and social media contest winners, the new look Drowning Pool strummed and screamed its way through the hits. They managed some eight songs sprinkled through an hour of vague chatter and drink recipes (ask 'em about Jingle Balls sometime). "It's like Storytellers but not good," quipped drummer Mike Luce.

The new album is called Resilience, and Drowning Pool is nothing if not that. It's been ten years since first singer Dave Williams died suddenly of a heart condition. And in the interim, they've dealt with controversy of all manner, some of it true and some of it misconception. They leave this week for a European tour and they've got some USO dates scheduled for later this year. The $5 cover at the door also went to the military support non profit.

We were all waiting for it, even at a non-show like this. And when Moreno kicked of "Bodies," the assembled crowd, grinning, hit the floor as much as you can when facing an unplugged set. There was even a little cozy moshing. CDs were signed, weird shots were consumed and some people dressed as Storm Troopers wandered in. Just another Wednesday night in Deep Ellum, people.

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