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Lead Singer of Formerly Fort Worth-Based Cadillac Sky Leaves Band, Blames Jesus.

Ex-Cadillac Sky member Bryan Simpson
Back in July, you may recall, we caught up with Bryan Simpson, frontman for the formerly Fort Worth-based Cadillac Sky, which now calls Nashville home and, turns out, no longer calls Simpson its frontman.

This morning, Simpson posted a note to fans on the band's Web site, announcing his decision to leave the band because, among other reasons, "Jesus Christ turned my life upside down and made me forever His."

It's somewhat curious timing for Christ to step in, what with Cadillac Sky's 2010 release, Letters in the Deep, being about as solid as "alt-bluegrass" comes, and the band, already more than capable in live settings, gearing up for a tour in support of the buzzing-est folk-rock outfit around, Mumford & Sons. In fact, the bands' upcoming November 4 date in Dallas at the House of Blues is just one of two dates on the bands' joint tour that isn't yet sold out. But, hey, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Already, the band has announced Simpson's replacement--a Georgia-based singer-songwriter named Levi Lowrey, who Simpson calls "extremely gifted"--and plans to move on ahead without Simpson in place.

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