LeAnn Rimes Goes On National Television, Cries About Her Life As A Child Star

Garland-raised country starlet LeAnn Rimes is only 28, but already, she's lived a life--a full half of it, even, since she became the first country act to win a Best New Artist Grammy in 1997 as just a 14-year-old. In more recent years, her personal life has become tabloid fodder--which, maybe not so surprisingly, bears the brunt of the focus of an ABC News profile that has just been released.

But that's not where things get really interesting in the ABC piece. No, that comes about halfway through the clip--before host Robin Roberts gets into the salacious martial affair juice--Rimes breaks down crying about her life as a child star.

"I was doing two shows a day for a time when I was 13 until I was 16 and a half," Rimes says, before Roberts pulls out the coveted Barbara Walters-reserved tears she was no doubt pulling for. "It's been tough."

It's kind of tough not to feel for Rimes when she tears up, but, I mean, c'mon, can you really feel all that bad for someone who has had so much success? Especially when you factor in the fact that her boyfriend gets to star on the Dallas-shot, Houston-set NBC action drama, Chase? I mean, how much better can things get?

Judge for yourself; watch the clip after the jump.

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