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Coyne and the band have adopted that motto for the last several years when it comes to performing live, bouncing from parking-lot concerts to shows where the only thing being played on stage is a handful of boom boxes. The Trees performance went so well that Coyne decided to make the headphones a permanent part of the Flaming Lips' show. It's a way for him to keep the band's concerts interesting -- for himself and the audience. Of course, at this point, he's a little surprised that anyone is still interested.

"I honestly do think that the audience doesn't care," he admits. "I mean, for the most part, I think we're lucky that we have one, and this is true for any band. You could go to a movie. You could go to a wrestling match. There are so many things that you could go and see as your night's entertainment, it doesn't surprise me that people don't necessarily want to go to a fucking hot, sweaty rock club and watch a bunch of amateur bands play for four hours. It doesn't surprise me. When I go to shows, often times I ask myself why I left the house. If I want people to come to our shows, I want them to be entertained. I want them to go, 'Damn, this is the craziest thing I've ever seen.'

"You know, I think it's always scary," he continues. "But I think that's the best kind of concerts and albums, when you think, 'Oh, the weirdos have gone into space, and when they return we'll see what they brought back.' To me, that's the best spot we could be in, for people to be waiting when we return from these journeys, and go, 'Oooh. Where've you been?'"

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