Listen: Will Johnson Plays Centro-Matic, Husker Du, New Material At A Recent Dan's Show

The Captain's Dead blog, which, let's face it, is about as good a source on Centro-matic as any thanks to its incessant fanship of the band, has an awesome bootleg available for yourdownloading pleasure of frontman Will Johnson (pictured above) performing solo at a recent Dan's Silverleaf gig.

In it, you'll hear some Centro-matic cuts ("I, The Kite"), a Husker Du cover ("Never Talking To You Again") and a whole bunch of new tracks, which the blog guesses (as well as anyone, I guess) that are from Johnson's upcoming collaboration with Jason Molina.

Definitely worth a listen, all around.

Meanwhile, anyone know when this show was? Captain's Dead isn't sure, and neither are we...

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