Listomania: Ten Acts More Deserving Of Playing The Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show Than The Black Eyed Peas

A week ago today, we passed along word of the still-circulating rumor that the Black Eyed Peas would be the performers at Super Bowl XLV, which, you surely already know, is set to take place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Sunday, February 6.

We've yet to squash that rumor--the closest we got was a "no comment" from the NFL, and some word from an employee of the North Texas Super Bowl Planning Committee saying that she hadn't heard anything about the Black Eyed Peas on that front.

Still, we're a little nervous; the NFL didn't flat-out deny the rumor. And that means, unfortunately, it could still be happening--which would be terrible news, in our humble opinions. The Black Eyed Peas have their place, we admit, but not on a platform where they can be seen by millions and millions of TV viewers.

So, on that front, we've come up with a list of other suggestions. After the jump check our list--which, we should note, doesn't just include acts we'd necessarily want to see in this setting, but rather the acts that we think actually deserve the honor and might be legitimate candidates to play the thing.

(Note: We've excluded earlier performers from coming back and reprising their roles.)

10. Kenny Chesney

Would we want Chesney performing his cheeseball country during the halftime show? Not at all. But the fact remains: This is Texas, and, for better or worse, the rest of the country associates us with country music. And Chesney's one of the genre's biggest stars. Plus,

he's been reportedly lobbying himself for the gig


9. The Beastie Boys

This one's probably a bit of a reach on our part. But, aside from cameos, there's never been a hip-hop halftime show at the Super Bowl. And, let's face it, the Beastie Boys, at least at this point in their careers, are not only great, but also as unoffensive as hip-hop gets while still maintaining high marks for integrity and creativity. Plus, Public Enemy's out of the question now that Flavor Flav's all crazy. So is Run-DMC, what with Jam-Master Jay's death, unfortunately.

8. Billy Joel

Joel's probably


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biggest solo performer out there that manages to have both working-man cred and massive commercial appeal--and yet still hasn't played the Super Bowl halftime show. But, seeing that the Super Bowl heads to the Meadowlands for SB XLVIII, we're thinking that he might be best suited for that one. Y'know, what with all his songs about New York.

7. Pearl Jam

As evidenced by the band's ACL-closing set last year

, Pearl Jam still packs a mighty live punch. And, hell, they've been around for some 20 years now at this point, which makes them mainstays--and not nearly as decrepit as last year's performers, The Who.

6. Green Day

Say way you will about these American idiots, but they've come a long way since


--for good or for bad. Our stance? It's largely been for bad, but we're critics with a taste for punk rock, and not the masses. The masses, of course, still manage to eat up everything Green Day produces, and at a higher clip now than ever. And now with the band boasting a musical on Broadway, isn't a Super Bowl performance the next logical step?

5. Bon Jovi

Oh, admit it: You'd love to hear "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Livin' On A Prayer" at halftime. You wouldn't? Answer us again once you're two quarters into some Sunday evening boozing.


Nothing screams American rock 'n' roll like KISS, who are still on the road, impressively drawing crowds to their shows. And, really, nothing says spectacle like KISS either. Isn't the Super Bowl halftime show


to be something of a spectacle?

3. AC/DC

Pretty much every football stadium in the country already blares AC/DC's songs during games anyway, right? Why not try the real thing? These Aussies deserve the chance.

2. Garth Brooks

The biggest star that country music has ever seen recently came out of retirement for a string of shows at the Wynn Las Vegas. But if he were ever to embark on another actual tour, wouldn't this be the setting in which to launch it? Plus, there's the whole this being Texas thing, which implies that all we do is sit around listening to country music. Right, y'all?

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce

If there's one thing to be gleaned from the fact that the NFL is even


with the idea of hosting the Black Eyed Peas as its Super Bowl halftime entertainers, it's that the NFL wants to turn a 180 on the failed venture that was booking The Who last year and go more modern with its selection. Well, if you're gonna go modern, go big--host the biggest power couple in music, either of whom would be deserving of the nod on their own. But, together? C'mon, that's the kind of show that would get the whole world talking--which, let's face it, is the kind of marketing splash the NFL really wants out of its halftime performers anyway. A no-brainer, really.

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