Listomania: The 10 Best Albums That Were Supposed To Come Out, But Never Did, in 2010

Albums get delayed all the time. (Cue Chinese Democracy joke).

Sometimes it's because of the close relation of creativity and procrastination. Other times, business overtakes art. More often than not, though, it's just a sheer mystery.

So, in looking back at the year, we decided to think about albums that we were really looking forward to in 2010 -- only to now realize our disappointed over the face that they still haven't been released.

After the jump, let's take a look at 10 most anticipated releases that never were in 2010.


1. Dr. Dre's Detox

If this list was made every year for the last seven years, Dr. Dre would have topped all of them. Yes, Detox is slowly pushing it's way into punchline territory with it's effort to beat Chinese Democracy's record-breaking procrastination. There have, however, been multiple hints that the record is getting closer and closer to its release. With a new single from Dre, "Kush," finally out, Detox might actually be on it's way out this time. And rumor has it that Dr. Dre's new protege and part-time Dallas native, Slim Da Mobsta, wrote a large part of the album. So Detox definitely will be on our radar in 2011.

2. Andre 3000/Outkast's new releases 

The deal was clear: Big Boi releases an album, and then Andre 3000 does, and then Outkast does. Well, Big Boi played his part with a spectacular album that proved he's not just the sidekick. But Andre 3000 still seems to be anonymous -- except for a few instances where he promised an album coming out in 2010. Uh, he'd better hurry up.

3. The Strokes's new album

The Strokes have been on the new release radar since 2009, with everything from a Pharrell/Santigold/Casablanca Converse mix to a 2010 ACL headlining gig hinting at things to come. Unfortuntately, delay after delay has marred the band. And as more information came in -- including hiring producer Joe Chicareli (U2, Beck) and streaming their recording process -- more and more anticipation built up. Then the band announced its new 10-track album wouldn't be released till 2011. Bummer.

4. Lupe Fiasco's Lasers

It was a gigantic mystery as to why not Lupe Fiasco's Lasers hasn't being released. He said he finished it, then he released a few singles, and even had a promotional website for it. Then news of the album disppeared, and Lupe seemed to get really dark in his interviews, as if he were hiding something terrible that happened. After a group of fans protested in demand of the album in front of Atlantic's headquarters, the label finally promised a release on March 8, 2011. Since, Lupe has finally opened up, saying how Atlantic demanded he sign a new contract that would give them 30 percent of all profits (otherwise known as 360 deal) or they wouldn't release it. Given the circumstances, Lupe legally couldn't go to another record label or release another album, virtually enslaving his art. At least we can now hope to see an album in March.

5. Radiohead's new album

In June, Ed O'Brien told BBC 6 Music that the seminal British band's album was near completion and that it's "the best record [they've] ever made." Great way to build up the hype, eh? Well, fast forward to November, and all of a sudden, Jonny Greenwood comes out and says that the album is not completed and that they have no time line for completion. Great tease, Radiohead.

6. Nas' The Lost Tapes 2

In 2010, Nas kept us thoroughly entertained with with a Pan-African collaboration with Damian Marley called Distant Relatives. But turns out he'd also already completed his new solo album, a sequel to the underground hit The Lost Tapes, and it was scheduled to come out on December 14. But Def Jam then shelved the album, sending Nas off on a Kanye-like tirade, with e-mails that include the subject line "PUT MY SHIT OUT!" Of course, this isn't the first time Nas has had troubles with labels: His previous effort was called "Nigger" before label pressure forced the name to change to "Untitled." Nevertheless, Nas seemed to have the last word for Def Jam: "With all do [sic] respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY's slave. This is not the 1800's [sic], respect me and I will respect you." Yeah!

7. The Paper Chase's Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 2

John Congleton's The Paper Chase rocked the Dallas music scene in 2009 with Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 1, an album focused on natural disasters. No wonder, then, that Vol. 2 was included on our most anticipated albums of 2010 list at year's start. Still no word on that disc's release, though. Here's hoping it's still coming.

8. Coldplay new album

Coldplay has been a dominant force for the better part of a decade, and their last album Viva La Vida won the Grammy for Best Rock Album, even though it kinda wasn't a rock album. And neither is their next, pretty much: Chris Martin and company promised a more acoustic and intimate album in 2010, but it never showed. However, they have released a single from the album, "Christmas Lights," so we can be pretty sure it's coming out soon.

9. Social Distortion's Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes

The hardcore punk rock band that dominated the '80s hasn't released an album since 2004, but they promised a new album in 2010, entitled Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. It was supposed to feature more of an acoustic and blues punk feel, which had lots of people excited. For reasons unknown, though, the album was pushed back to a January 2011 release.

10. The Polyphonic Spree's new album

In 2009, we came across some of Polyphonic Spree's mastermind DeLaughter demos, and it got us excited about a new album potentially coming in 2010. Still no word on the new disc, although we do know that DeLaughter is still supposedly writing away for new material.

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