Well, she does have some sweet furniture. (Peter Marince)

Liz Williams’ “Nothing and Everything” In The Running For Song Of The Year Title, Apparently

Local pop singer/songwriter Liz Williams is busy writing and fine-tuning songs for her sophomore album due in the fall. In the meantime, “Nothing and Everything,” a song from her debut is a finalist in a Song of the Year contest. "Nothing and Everything" was named the winner for the month of April in the folk category and is now in the running for the final award.

Now, admittedly, this Song of the Year organization looks a bit on the cheesy (and kind of shady) side, but Williams is deserving of the notice. In 1999, Williams was serving Tex-Mex at a restaurant in Coppell when she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in music. She hooked up with Emmy Award-winning producer Josh Goode and issued her debut last year.

Definitely in the adult contemporary mode, songs such as “Typical Hey Day,” “Senseless” and “Somewhere in Between” are sweet, slick creations that go well with wine and cheese--which is why Williams often plays at places like the Mercy Wine Bar in Addison (where she will perform on August 9th).

Besides being, um, fairly attractive, Liz Williams knows the value of a good pop hook and deserves kudos for “Nothing and Everything” getting some national recognition. --Darryl Smyers

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