Local Country Crooner Darryl Lee Rush Releases New Video

Although Live From the River Road Icehouse, Darryl Lee Rush’s sophomore effort, has been out for almost a year, a new video for the song “Lot” premiered last week at Trinity Hall in Mockingbird Station. (You can watch it here.)

“Lot” is one of two studio recordings that appeared on the live album, and it may be the best song Rush has written. An ode to a woman accepting her lot in life while barely making ends meet, the song is just another example of Rush’s lyrical skill.

Rush’s debut, Llano Avenue, came out in 2006 and it is still one of the best collections of traditional country music to come out of Dallas in a decade. The live album seemed to be a holding pattern while Rush worked things out with his label, so let’s hope the video release will get things jump started and we can expect a lot more like “Lot” in the near future.

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For those who want a bit of a primer on Rush, you'll find another video below, with Rush performing a great, unreleased song called, “Las Vegas Christmas Eve.” --Darryl Smyers

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