Local MP3: Nate Kipp Delivers "It's Christmas"

Metroplex country singerNate Kipp, who had a song on our top 10 local country songs of 2011 list, is in a giving mood this season. While he readies his follow up to last year's great The Holding Pattern, he decided to write his first original Christmas song.

"I've wanted to do a Christmas song for a while now," says Kipp. "When I started to think of ideas, the line, 'It's Christmas, I know you've got a heart after all' came out, full melody and all. It wouldn't go away, so I figured I would write a song around that theme. It needed a girl's perspective and a rebuttal, so it was a great opportunity for me to work with a long-time friend, Andie Kay Joyner of blacktopGypsy."

Indeed, it's a stone-cold country tune with a frosty holiday feel that beats the hell out of another version of "Baby It's Cold Outside." Kipp has been kind enough to offer up the tune to our readers.

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