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Local Music Instructor Promises "Completely New Approach" To Learning Music

Stumbled upon this press release about local music instructor Mike Ellis this morning, and figured it might raise a few eyebrows.

Ellis, whose been teaching music in the Dallas area for 35 years (he's supposedly tutored worked with well-respected artists like Chuck Rainey, Greg Bissonette and Christopher McGuire and once played alongside, of all people, actor Robert Duvall--or so his web site bio reads), has released a new book called Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard that takes a completely new approach to understanding chord names.

But there's more! Says Ellis in the presser:
"I can't count how many times I have heard a piano player say 'Sorry, I don't have my sheet music' or 'well, they never taught me chords.' It's really not rocket science. If you can memorize seven rules and if you can count from one to thirteen in odd numbers, you can play any chord on the piano in days, literally, with no previous note reading or training. And the most important thing is that most piano players in bands have to play chords while the singer sings. You need to be able to play chords."
Speaking as someone who owns a keyboard, a guitar, and a harmonica--none of which I know how to play--color me intrigued. Or maybe I'm just a sucker? Check out the book--even thumb through some pages--right here, where it's also available for purchase and let me know...

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Pete Freedman
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