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"I've been a real snob about traditional world music, because it's what I've listened to for 90 percent of the time," Joshua says. "I had a real bad attitude about people sampling the Bulgarian Women's Choir and turning it into an ornament, something to spice up an otherwise baseless empty musical composition. It's just so ingrained in my musical lifeblood. It had always been a major part of my orientation."

"There's a desire to just test the limits and create something that appeases the senses," Mischo continues. "We just want to make music we enjoy. A lot of people in this town--hell, in the world--make music to attract major labels, to get famous. And the people here--us, the guys in Neutral Milk or the Olivias--just want to make a contribution to a higher cause." He pauses, then lets out a chuckle that sounds like a suppressed cough. "Not to sound lofty about it.

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