Matthew and the Arrogant Sea: Both For and About Wizards, Apparently

"A loud, shambling cross between Pavement's deconstructed indie-rock (without the cynicism) and The Grateful Dead's communal jam (without the extended solos)" is how Dave Sims described Dallas Observer Music Award-nominated Matthew and the Arrogant Sea's live show way, way back in June -- man, how times flies. And while the Denton-based ensemble ("Folk/Minimalist/Zouk," duh) won't unleash Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian till October 25 with a release hoedown at Dan’s Silverleaf, the band capable of faithful Dylan covers received a nice and nifty shout-out on one of your better MP3 blogs yesterday. The great Said the Gramophone yesterday posted "The Wizard" accompanied by these kind words: "Okay, yeah, I gotta admit -- this is what the theme-song for a wizard ought to sound like." How come? Read on, then download for listening with your pointy caps on. --Robert Wilonsky


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