Meat Loaf Opens Up On His Latest Album: "I Can Barely Fit My Dick In My Pants"

We admittedly let the April release of

Meat Loaf'

s new album,

Hang Cool Teddy Bear

, come and go without much ado. But, considering the subject matter of "California Isn't Big Enough (Hey There Girl)," we really couldn't let the new album from Dallas native and Thomas Jefferson High School graduate Marvin Lee Aday go without further comment.

Seems Bob with the Bitch Tits is a little defensive about the way those perceive him these days--mostly, one assumes, because we've all been underestimating what he's been packing.

Sings Meat Loaf in what arguably might be the best hook of the year: "I can barely fit my dick in my pants."

He goes on to sing some other stuff about California not being big enough for him, but, really, mentioning anything else about the song kinda buries the lead. Seriously: Find us a better hook than this one. It's unreal.

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