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Might We Finally See That Long-Discussed SRV Statue in Dallas? Briefly on Sunday, Yes.

Well, we're just swelling with pride and joy this afternoon--and for good reason. It looks like we could be on the verge of finally seeing the long-discussed Stevie Ray Vaughan statue finding a place in Dallas, which (despite Austin's claim on him and SRV statue of their own) is indeed where the blues guitar legend was born, raised and, eventually, buried.

According to Roy Appleton on the DMN's Oak Cliff-focused blog, the Kessler Theater will unveil a new SRV statue, commissioned once upon a time by Oak Cliff activist Jason Roberts and sculpted by San Antonion artist Victor L. Rangel (pictured at left), at the venue's Blues, Bandits and Barbecue event that is scheduled to run from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Says Kessler owner Edwin Cabaniss this unveiling is something of a test-run for the statue, which he hopes to erect one day in public, with, of course, the Vaughan family's consent: "This will start the dialogue," Cabaniss told Appleton. "We want to stand up and see how much public support there is for this."

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