Montgomery Gentry To Host Free All-Ages Show Next Wednesday At Gilley's

I don't really have too much to say about long-running country music duo Montgomery Gentry--other than that there was a time back in 2003 when the band was almost unavoidable on CMT, thanks in no small part to the above video. Don't really watch too much CMT anymore, though, so I can't say for sure if that trend still stands.

But, given the fact that the duo is putting on a free concert on Wednesday, August 5, at Gilley's as part of the national Samsung Summer Krush free concert series put on by Samsung AT&T (San Francisco had the Offspring; New Orleans is getting T-Pain), I guess it doesn't really matter. Because, well, we all like free stuff.

And maybe you want into the free show? Well, you could listen to KPLX-99.5 FM The Wolf or KSCS-96.3 FM The Big this week and try to score some tickets in station promotion competitions. Or, you could just pop online over here, fill out some info, and get in on your own. Up to you. Hell yeah, it is.

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