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Moody Fuqua on Booking Ethics and Saturday's Benefit for Carlin Stulz

This week, LM'M turns to "most interesting name" award recipient, Moody Fuqua.

Fuqua has logged plenty of time as a local musician, and talent buyer, most recently for the stage at Crown and Harp, who are getting ready to host a benefit Saturday night for one of Fuqua's inspirations in the local community, Carlin Stultz.

Moody Fuqua is a fascinating name! It paints a bit of an intimidating picture to the wayward stranger.

Ha. I've gotten shit for years for my name. Anyway, it's a family name. My mother's maiden name is Moody, her father's name was Alvin Scheler Moody, and my full name is Alvin Moody Fuqua. I've gone by Moody since I was born.

Was there a particular experience that inspired you to be a part of all this? Maybe a specific person, venue, show?

People who have had a major influence on me and who have allowed me to pick their brains are Richard Winfield, Chelsea Callahan, Kris Youmans, Carlin Stulz and Commander Iskander.

Saturday at Crown and Harp is all about Carlin Stultz!

I'm delighted and thrilled to be hosting it at Crown & Harp. Now it's time to come together as a community and support one of our own. With the ridiculous cost of health care these days anything helps. Donate what you can. Every bit counts. It takes a supportive community to keep a community. If you can't make the benefit, you can still make an online contribution here: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/3Zk32.

How did you end up interested in music?

I've always been obsessed with music. I remember creating an instrument in grade school made with a Parkay butter tub and rubber bands. When I was 13, my mom bought me an old Teisco guitar, and I wrote Moodocaster on the headstock in a black Sharpie. I still have it to this day. My older brothers and cousin greatly influenced my variety in taste for music. I vividly remember Eddie Vedder pirating the radio, and I recorded it for several hours. He played NWA's "Fuck the Police". My likes are eclectic. I don't stick to certain genres. I believe there are 2 types of music: good and bad. In the early 90's, I spent time in Deep Ellum and was fortunate enough to be exposed to the vibrant local music scene as a teenager.

I know you spent some time playing in the band The Push...any other bands?

When I was 13, a group of classmates and I formed our first band. It was a Nirvana cover band called the 5 Blind Hobbits consisting of Taylor Young, Geoff Walp, and Michael Beard. I took off several years and started playing again in my early 20's in a band called the Sudberrys, a garage-rock nuggets style band. A few years later, Taylor Young hooked me up with Ryan Fitzgerald and I joined The Push. It was a great honor. We were fortunate enough to open for St. Vincent at The Granada before she became famous. Thank you, Kris Youmans. I also know you spent time at Bryan Street Tavern booking talent there...anywhere else? Fill us in a little on your history in local live music.

Before Bryan Street Tavern, I DJ'ed at The Meridian Room, and I booked a few shows there as well as a few shows at The Barley House.

How far back does your history go in DFW music? Fond memories? Alternately, memories of rather dark or crazy moments?

Jumping on stage with English Beat at The House of Blues and then ska dancing while they were playing "Mirror in the Bathroom". Walking to my car after seeing Mos Def at Trees to find him and Erykah Badu sitting on the trunk of my car. Partying and playing music til 6 a.m. with John Popper and my Push band mates at my old place off of lower Greenville. Giving Russel Simmons (Jon Spencer Blues' Explosion) a ride to his hotel room from Bryan Street Tavern. Meeting the tour manager of Radiohead at Bryan Street Tavern and him giving me incredible seats and backstage passes.

Any positive music experiences in your school days? Im always surprised how often the answer is "none". True for you, too?

I went to Good Sheppard Episcopal School which has an extraordinary music and arts program, and I was privileged enough to be invited to the Orff Program, named after Carl Orff. Fellow Orff Alum include, Taylor Young (The O's) and Bobby Weaver (The Paper Chase). Classmates include, Geoff Walp, Michael Beard, Jordan Williams (The Hormones) and Taylor Young.

How many fave locals can you name before running out of steam? I bet it's a stack.

Sub Oslo, UFOFU, Funland, Tripping Daisy, Hi-Fi Drowning, Daryl, The Paper Chase, Young, James, Long, Toadies, Cocky Americans, Neon Girl, Black Dotz, Sealion, Blackstone Rangers, Oddlot, New Science Projects, Madison King, Salim Nourallah, Bedhead, Nervous Curtains, Erykah Badu, Mc 900 ft Jesus, 10 Hands, hormones, Street Arabs, Aaron Barker, PVC Street Gang, Drug Animal, War Party, Year of The Bear, Bitch Bricks, The O's, Goodnight Ned, The Hazardous Dukes, Party Static, George Quartz, Unconscious Collective, Eyes Wings and Many other Things, Shotgun Friday, Cutter, Ape Hangars, Mercury Rocket, The Fibs, Dark Rooms, Eddie Lott, Doom Ghost, Mur, The Silver Saint, The Mohicans, Black Problems, Drawn by Jaymz, The Tah Dah's, The Happy Bullets, Slumberbuzz, Peopleodeon, Jack Dover, Sir Name and The Janes, Reinventing Jude, Spook Easy, RTB2, AdD+, Frauen, Def Rain, Summer of Glaciers, Drama Tha King, Pink Smoke, Bravo Max, Midnight Movie, Long Sword Spectacular, Dead Mockingbirds, Fungi Girls, The Von Ehrics, The Chloes, The Atomic Tanlines, Strange TOWERS, Mr. Kitty, Pinkish Black, Foxtrot Uniform, Big Fiction, Home By Hovercraft, Bad Design, Colab, New Fumes, Weve Come For Your Daughter, Diamond Age, The 1969's, The Angelus, Binary Sunrise, Soviet, Rocket Arm, Here Holy Spain, The True Achiever, Menkena, Leg Sweeper, Orange Peel Sunshine, Babar, The Crash That took Me, Record Hop, Dove Hunter, Spector 45, here, in arms, Sorta, Not Fugazi, The Gorehounds, Paul Slaven's, Tony Schwa, Tape Mastah Steph, Budda Fingers, Madame Mims, JT Donaldson, Tyrone Smiley, Fishyr Price, Redeye, Phooka, Wanz Dover, Wild in The Streets, Marcos Prado, Gabriel Mendoza, Sober.

Do booking people get a bad rep?

I think that booking agents in general should have more respect for the locals. I realize that the musicians are the ones who bring in the fans, so I try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to their specific needs. Having played in the local music scene gives me an advantage because I understand what is wanted and needed from the musicians' standpoint. Booking agents should try to be present at most of their shows not only to support the bands, but also because they simply love the art. I have had the pleasure of working with great local booking agents who have the same intentions, and I consider them friends. People like Matt and Justin Powers with Fringe Media, Evan Henry and Matt Vickers with Dallas Distortion Music, and Jeff Brown of King Kamel.

I hear you had some thoughts on my article on sound men.

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I think that you missed a couple of great sound engineers in your recent article such as Wayne Green at Bryan Street Tavern who influenced most sound guys in this town and James Porter who is not only an exceptional musician, but he has turned the sound around and dialed the room in at The Crown & Harp.

Duly noted! What's next for you?

Be on the lookout for my new venture with Ken Welker of 13th Floor Music. We are creating a sort of 1 stop shop for musicians to include a record label (Olangatan Rex Records), management, tours, merchandise, and even a music festival.

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