More Good Records News: Erykah Badu Confirmed For Store's Birthday/Record Store Day Celebration

At the beginning of the month, when Good Records announced its lineup for its day-long party in celebration of both the record store's 9th birthday and National Record Store Day, people no doubt noticed the Cannabinoids' presence on the bill and wondered--giddily, I'm sure--if Erykah Badu would be joining her live DJ crew on stage. Count Gorilla Vs. Bear's Chris Cantalini pondered among that bunch: On the day of the announcement, he posted to his site that Badu was "probably" playing the event.

Well, I just got off the horn with Good Records manager Chris Penn, and he confirmed it: Badu will indeed be taking to the stage at Good Records onf Saturday, April 18. Awesome.

Even awesomer, though? Bill Wisener of Bill's Records will leave the comfortable confines from behind the desk at his South Lamar store to visit Good and introduce Erykah before her set.

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