More Local Hip-Hop News: Lil Twist Tops The 106 & Park Countdown, GS Boyz Ain't Done Yet and Treal Lee & Prince Rick Hate Everyone.

Turns out

Tum Tum's hardly the only local hip-hop artist making waves

this week...

  • Turns out those reports about the GS Boyz's breakup may have been a little immature. The group, best known for bringing "The Stanky Legg" into modern lexicon, is still around, as the above video, promoting the song "All I Ever Wanted" off the group's new mixtape, proves. Back in April, reports said GS Boyz members Soufside and Prince were leaving the group--and, while they sure did, in fact, leave their three fellow members by the wayside, the duo is still working together and still operating under the same name. Give the above clip a listen; Prince explains that their quintet's down to two, as well as some reasoning, when the second verse comes around. And, maybe I'm just in a nice mood today, but this song's not all that bad. Am I nuts?

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...and that pretty much covers our local hip-hop dalliances for the week. We'll return to our regularly scheduled local indie rock obsessions in the morning.

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