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Muse at American Airlines Center: Review and Photos

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Everything on the stage is lit up; from the spotlights on Dominic Howard's drum set, to the neck of Chris Wolstenholme's guitar. His guitar flashes in rhythm of lights to the beat of their next song, "Supermassive Blackhole". As the song continues, the crowd seems to become more relaxed as the arena fills with a different kind of fog. I begin to wonder what is more overpowering; Matthew Bellamy's amazing voice, or the surrounding smell of marijuana.

The pyramid of TVs begins to shift into a straight line as "Panic Station" starts up and the crowd seems to be very amused by what appears. Muse changes from the classic black and white videos to purple trolls dancing above and around the stage. Matthew Bellamy takes this opportunity to roll off of the stage into the front few rows of the crowd to serenade them with "Resistance."

In between sets, Muse takes the time to thank Dallas for their support and honors us with a guitar solo to the Star-Spangled Banner while wearing a stereotypical cowboy hat. Muse transitions without hesitation from the solo to "Hysteria" and everyone in the crowd sways back and forth with the band. Just when we thought we had seen the last of the unfitting cowboy hat, it appears again on Wolstenholme as he blasts out a hard-hitting harmonica intro to "Knights of Cydonia". The pyramid shifts again and this time the lyrics to the song appear as the audience sings along. The array of light beams scan the stadium during the acapella harmony of the song, and their voices continue to amaze the crowd.

Bellamy decides to give his guitar a break, and moves to the piano for "Explorers". Every note he strikes is perfect and his voice refuses to regress. He steps off the piano and takes a bow as the audience showers him with applause. The lullaby sound of "Explorers" puts the crowd in a trance, and Muse quickly changes the pace with their next song.

"Follow Me" begins and the band gets the crowd going with a unison fist pump. As soon as the dub-step portion of the song begins, Bellamy power slides across the stage and the light show intensifies. Bellamy turns a huge spotlight onto the crowd and scans the audience as they head bang to the chorus of the song.

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