My Brightest Diamond Feels Good Covering Nina Simone.

No, nothing will ever, ever compare to this, the original version of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good". Nothing.

And yet, somehow, this new cover of the song (via) from one-time Dallas resident Shara Worden (aka My Brightest Diamond) is a pretty decent effort in its own right--and certainly worth a listen. Girl's got pipes, man. Seriously.

Her version was recorded for 4AD's Dark Was The Night compilation, a benefit CD being released on February 17 that features 32 exclusive tracks from some of the biggest names in indie rock and pop (Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, Feist, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, etc., etc., etc.). And the profits from the disc's sales will go toward the Red Hot Organization, an organization that aims to increase awareness and funds for the fight against HIV and AIDS, which makes it all the cooler.

So, as awesome as this mp3 floating around the Web is, you might want to clear your conscience by pre-ordering that compilation right here. Or you can continue along being the horrible, deplorable person you already are. Either way.

(Hat tip to this mensch.)

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