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National Public Radio Names School of Seven Bells' "Windstorm" As Its Song of the Day.

We've made no secret of our in-house excitement for School of Seven Bells' sophomore full-length, Disconnect From Desire, which earned its release this week. Ambient, grandiose and a little wistful, too, the album's an almost-prefect summer companion. And, turns out, we're not the only ones who think so.

"Windstorm," one of our favorite tracks from the release, was named today by the folks at NPR as today's "Song of the Day" selection. Here's Michael Katzif's reasoning--which is pretty spot on:
There's not a whole lot to "Windstorm" structurally; it's primarily built upon a vamping chorus and layers of dizzying instrumental hooks, droning guitars and swirling synths that sound like disembodied voices. But at the center are the Deheza sisters' angelic, interwoven vocals. With their simple, trance-like refrain -- "When the fire's burning from sky to ground / swing my weight around, begin the windstorm" -- they help transform the song into a spacey dance-pop hymn. Continue reading...
The band, which features Dallas native Benjamin Curtis (formerly of The Secret Machines) as its guitar/overall electronics expert, returns to the region on Friday, October 8, for a gig at Hailey's Club in Denton. We'll be there. With bells on. (Get it? Of course you do.)

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