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Neon Indian To Release New Single Through Mountain Dew Next Month? Now That's Extreme!

Pitchfork passes along the news today that the (still) much-buzzing, DFW-bred Neon Indian will be releasing a new single at some point next month--and, curiously enough, it'll be doing so via an exclusive release on Mountain Dew's new label, Green Label Sound.

Explains the Mountain Dew folk:

Coming this March, Neon Indian will be releasing an exclusive single via free download on GreenLabelSound.com! It's both their first release of 2010 and ours. So hang tight as we gear up for an awesome release that'll have people tossing away their ear muffs and ice skates in joyous celebration of an early spring.
That's pretty much all the news there is to pass along on this front for now. But here's crossing our fingers for a new Code Chillwave flavor of the soda...

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