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Neon Indian's Gravy Train Keeps Rolling, Now With Moby and MTV's Stamps of Approval.

The red-hot promo train just keeps rolling for the North Texas-bred Neon Indian, whose next stop back here at home will take place on Tuesday, October 5, at the Granada Theater.

On Friday, the band (Alan Palomo, Ronnie Gierhart, Jason Faries and Leanne Macomber) stopped by WNYC-93.9 FM in New York City for an appearance on the show "Soundcheck." And, well, it was kind of a real treat. See, the show's usual host was out on Friday, and in his place was synth maven Moby--which, yes, made the interview kind of a nerdy one, but also a very insightful one, as Moby, a big fan of the band's, and Palomo go back and forth sharing their synth influences and favorite sounds. The band also played a few live songs while in studio. Give the just-over-25-minute piece a listen after the jump.

And, if you're still wanting for more, you can turn your browsers to MTV.com at 8 p.m. tonight, as the band performs live on the Internet for MTV's new web series, "Live in NYC." Seems MTV is such big fans of the band that, not only did they invite them over to play a show for their web site, but they also spelled one of their songs wrong in the announcement. While very funny, unfortunately, "Sleepy Paralysist" isn't the name of the band's most recently released single. Oh well. Get 'em next time, MTV.

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