New Theater Fire Video Stars That Guy From The Black Donnellys

Fort Worth's The Theater Fire's got itself a pretty awesome video up on its Myspace page, and--hey look!--it stars Jonathan Tucker, the guy who played the lead in the much-missed, shortly-lived, Paul Haggis-created NBC drama The Black Donnellys. Check it out after the jump:

Nice twist, eh? The track's called "Uncle Wayne," and, yep, it, too, is up for free download on The Theater Fire's Myspace page along with a few others from the band's upcoming disc, Matter and Light, which is set to come out in the fall.

That might explain the pretty sweet bills The Theater Fire's being featured on in the near future: first, the band's playing alongside Shearwater and the Kadane Brothers on June 27 at Lola's in Fort Worth; later, it gets paired with Centro-matic and, again, the Kadane Brothers on June 28 at the Granada. Both are must-see shows in our book. --Pete Freedman

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