No Big Surprise Here: Disney Channel Movie Camp Rock Has Already Been Tapped For A Sequel

The Disney Channel musical Camp Rock (as seen in the above trailer)--which features tween sensations the Jonas Brothers and potential Disney star-in-the-making Demi Lovato and focuses on the happenings at a music-centric summer camp--raked in a whopping 8.9 million viewers on its Friday night debut, making it the second-highest Disney Channel movie debut of all-time (behind the juggernaut that was High School Musical 2).

So, maybe it's not exactly a shocker then that Disney's execs have already started working on the project's sequel. And that's good news for Colleyville's Lovato, who Billboard reports has been confirmed to take part in the project, again in a starring role.

Update: Opps--almost forgot to mention that the Jonas Brothers and Lovato will be hitting the Superpages.com Center stage on Wednesday, July 9, as part of a joint tour. Given that their movie franchise is current booming, it's actually pretty surprising to see that there are still tickets available for this show. But considering that the best available options at this point are lawn seats, I'm guessing that changes in, oh, about five minutes. --Pete Freedman

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