NX35 Is Starting Right About... Now.

Right about... well, right now, actually, the very first event of the second annual NX35 Conferette is underway--a discussion about the DFW art scene and its future. As for me? Well, I'm hitting the road right now to head up to the conferette's second event this weekend, a panel in which TXA 21's Andy Chandler, Pegasus News' Sarah Crisman, The Indie-Verse's Eric Landrum and The Local Edge's Mark Schectman and I will discuss with moderator Nico Martini of The Indie-Verse hwo we come across the local music we cover or something? Not a hundred percent sure, if I'm being honest. But it should be fun, maybe!

Most of all, I'm just stoked to get up to Denton, where the lines to get wristbands and everything are already forming. Maybe you are, too? If not, allow me to point you in the direction of a few preview pieces we've put together for the four-day event:

Oh, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates from the whole weekend. See you there...

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