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Observer Freelancer DX Ferris Pens 33 1/3 Book On Slayer's Reign In Blood.

We're so into metal right now. Have to be--Ozzfest is only, what, like seven weeks away or something? Right!

So that's why we're pointing this out: Somewhat frequent Observer contributor D.X. Ferris just penned himself a book on Slayer's Reign In Blood. It's the 57th book in Continuum's lauded 33 1/3 series on seminal records.

And, before you cry foul, here's your Texas tie-in: In the book, Ferris speaks with Phil Anselmo, vocalist for Arlington's own Pantera. Read an excerpt on Anselmo's first Slayer experience after the jump. --Pete Freedman

Excerpt from D.X. Ferris' Reign In Blood:

About the same time, in New Orleans, a teenager named Philip H. Anselmo--a future metal singer whose resume includes Pantera, Down and Superjoint Ritual--bought the Hell Awaits tape. He had a similar epiphany.

"I remember that album, the day it came out," Anselmo told me nearly twenty tyears later, during an interview for an article about why 80s metal was still relevant. "Me and my friend, we picked it up and popped it in the tape deck in the van. And I had to roll down the windows. I almost started crying, it was so great.

"Hell Awaits just holds the entire thing," Anselmo explained. "Every bit of everything to do with heavy music. They are gods, the best band from California, for sure."

A year later, the metal mags said Slayer had a new album due...

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