Old 97's Grace The Cover Of Texas Music Quarterly

And, uh, they sure look happy to be there, eh guys? Um...

The seven-and-2/3-page piece is basically a primer of the Old 97's' history leading up to this point in its career, with Blame It On Gravity, which also happens to be the band's best-charting release (its currently sitting at No. 40 on Billboard's Independent Albums sales chart; the album peaked at No. 9), as the peg.

Nothing life-changing if you're up to date on your 97's history. In fact, it's pretty much like every other Old 97's piece you've read about surrounding this release: "We love Dallas! And we love each other!" being the main theme and all.

Still, nice to see, a band that isn't from Austin on the cover. And, thus, doubly nice to see that the second-most highlighted item on the cover is a four-page feature on Ft. Worth's T Bone Burnett. --Pete Freedman


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